Diet for 6 days: what is the best diet menu

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The dress is treacherously cracking at the seams, and your favorite jeans are not fastened? This can happen to everyone. The main thing is not to give up and not write off such "troubles" for age, heredity, ecology, hormones and a sedentary lifestyle. Otherwise, you will imperceptibly turn from a lady with magnificent forms into a compassionate kolobok worthy of compassion. And for a woman, you see, this is not the best role? !How not to fall into this trap, exposed by the "king of fat"?The script is simple: a diet for 6 days, patience and a positive attitude.

  • Diet Slenderness - exact hit
  • Diet of figure skaters - we fight for gold
  • 6 petals - everything is like in the fairy tale
  • Estonian diet - all inclusive
  • Tea diet - let's sit and talk
  • Useful video: nutrition for losing weight

Diet Slenderness -exact hit

6 day diet "Slenderness" is a tough technique, but it is guaranteed to save you from 5-10 kilos of fat deposits, depending on how scrupulously you adhere to the rules and how weight began to lose weight.

The power system for rapid weight loss is divided into 3 stages, each of which includes two similar types of ration on a daily basis. In addition, for a day the authors of the method recommend drinking at least a two-liter bottle of mineral and non-carbonated water. Physical activity in the period of correction of the figure should be limited, since with unaccustomed use, the head may become slightly dizzy, for almost all the forces of the body at this time will be directed to burning fat. However, as the folk wisdom says, the game is worth the candle, you will be surprised at how your body day from day will become slimmer and sexier.

So, study the menu and welcome to the world of beautiful people:

  • the first two days are the most difficult, because only water is allowed, except for a couple of cups of tomato juice( without salt) and skim milk;
  • next couple of days - gentle, you can afford a sandwich of black bread and cheese in the morning, as well as tea with honey, you can enjoy chicken or fish( 100 g) at lunch, and in the evening you can eat a couple of eggs( but not fried);
  • the final two days is based on the vegetable menu, for breakfast consists of a couple of fruits, lunch - vegetables, and dinner - berries.

"Chip" diet "Slenderness" - a complete lack of salt and sugar in the diet, which are "beauty killers", because they lead to obesity and water retention in the tissues, because of what your body is covered with ugly folds of useless stores of fat and liquid thatyou are wearing around the clock in the form of cargo. Do you need such "wealth"?

It is worth paying attention! "Slenderness", alas, has contraindications. You should look for an alternative technique if you carry an heir under your heart or breastfeed.

The diet "Slenderness", although effective, but rather tough, so doctors insist that you can use it no more than once every few months.

Diet skaters - fighting for gold

Famous Denise Bilmann - a talented figure skater from Switzerland, who became the world champion, came up with her own authoring technique, thanks to which she won that famous championship that made her famous on the whole planet. Nervous before the competition, Denise scored an extra 5 kilos, which completely crossed out the plans of the athlete. However, the figure skater did not give up, but developed a new weight correction system, which is now used not only by athletes, but also by people who follow their forms.

Would you like to join us? Bravo!

The diet of skaters requires training, which begins in a day and a half. In the evening before the last day before losing weight, pour a spoonful of rice with water, and in the morning eat this mixture, adding to it the same number of seeds of flax, milk and honey. Then pamper yourself with a grated apple. The rest of the day, drink plenty.

It is worth paying attention! Do not like rice? Replace it with oatmeal, barley or wheat.

Prepared? So, it's time to start:

  • first couple of days - eat milk( liter), black bread( 2 slices), tomato juice( cup) - this menu for each of the days;
  • second two days - protein, you can eat for breakfast a whole-grain bread with a spoon of honey and coffee, lunch consists of a piece( 200 g) of meat and broth, a snack - a glass of milk with black bread, and dinner - a pair of eggs( cooked soft-boiled), a piece( 150 g) of fish and a cup of kefir;
  • the final couple of days will be held under the motto "vitamins - yes", for breakfast and an afternoon snack you can eat half a kilo of your favorite fruits / berries, and make lunch and dinner vegetable, eating a portion of salad, which is also acceptable to add an egg or chicken fillet.

Denise Bilmann insists that you need to drink more water, and without gas, since it is this life-giving moisture that speeds up the process of burning hated fat.

6 petals - all as in the fairy tale

Anna Johansson is not only a talented nutritionist, but also a famous dreamer who developed a special weight loss system - fun, interesting, similar to the game. You will be surprised, but the "6 petals" diet begins. .. with drawing. Yes, take a large sheet of paper, markers and draw a flower with multi-colored petals. Then cut out your masterpiece and fasten it to the wall with buttons in a prominent place, you can - with a magnet to the refrigerator. Have you sustained the day? As a reward, tear off one petal, and so - until the victorious end - until you part with at least 5 kg of fat.

"6 petals" is a separate form of nutrition, when you eat only one single product the whole day, preferably, of course, useful. It's not easy, you agree, but you can eat in unlimited quantities, and the menu changes every day, which comforts, right?

Anna warns: do not try to starve or deprive your stomach of breakfast, because such careless steps are fraught with slowing down the process of burning excess fat due to the stressful state of the body. You can drink water, tea( herbal, green), as well as homemade kvass, naturally without the addition of sugar. Days to swap are strictly forbidden, since the system is built so specifically - to activate metabolism.

Drew a flower? Then study the menu and bring your forms back to normal:

  1. During the first day you can eat fish, which the author recommends cooking for a couple, stew or cook.
  2. Next day - vegetable. Eat your favorite vegetables, excluding starch-rich potatoes.
  3. The third day is dedicated to meat eaters, as Anna recommends eating chicken. However, do not forget to remove the skin, which abounds in fat.
  4. The next day will be held under the motto "porridge - yes", meanwhile the nutritionist advises to choose useful groats, for example, buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice. Seeds and bran are also allowed, from which you can bake a loaf or cook a pancake.
  5. Milky Paradise is a characteristic of the fifth day. It is allowed to enjoy cottage cheese, milk.
  6. And the final day - "sweet table".You can pamper yourself with fruit.

All these products can be cooked in your favorite way, but without adding fat or sugar, but salt and spices that do not contain "chemistry" are allowed. Cottage cheese and fruits can be eaten, sprinkled with cinnamon, which is an excellent "fat burner", as well as zest and vanilla. During a fruitful day, you can make fresh juice, boil a fruit drink or compote, of course, forgetting about sugar.

Repeat the course Anna Johansson allows three months later. A lady in position and during lactation is better to refrain from such a variant of weight correction, since there is a risk of damaging the health of her child.

Estonian diet - all inclusive

Estonian nutritionists invented their method of losing weight, combining a single system of protein diet, alternation of foods and mono-diet. And it works. For 6 days, fans of the Estonian diet become lighter by 4-6 kg. True, you have to "sweat", but hungry faints you definitely do not threaten.

So, are we losing weight in Estonian? Then meet - your diet for 6 days:

  1. During the first day dieticians are allowed to eat 6 eggs, which it is desirable to distribute at least 3 meals.
  2. The second day - dairy. You buy half a kilo of cottage cheese and eat it when you get hungry.
  3. Then follows a meat day, during which the Estonian experts in the field of weight loss advise you to eat chicken, better fillets( 700 g).
  4. The fourth day is strict, because you can consume only 200 grams of rice, whether raw, brown or black.
  5. During this day you can pamper yourself with 6 medium-sized potatoes, although you can only eat this dish by dieting - boiling or using a steamer.
  6. The final day - vitamin, you can enjoy apples, and in unlimited quantities.

Worth paying attention! If during the Estonian diet you get dizzy and feel unwell, as an exception, you can eat a spoonful of honey that will energize you and improve your thinking abilities.

Why is it all-inclusive? And do not you agree, if you look at the menu for the whole period, it contains a wide range of provisions, ranging from meat to sweet gifts of nature. Therefore, the weekly menu is quite balanced, and thanks to the alternation of these products, the food system contributes not only to weight loss, but also to the cleansing of the body of toxins and other "garbage".

But to engage in active sports, or hard to work, the authors of the methodology do not advise, first - fat burning, then - the modeling of forms and physical labor.

To get out of the Estonian diet should be smooth, adding to the diet for the next few days for 2-3 products. If for you dropped 4-6 kg a little, then you can repeat the course after a month and a half.

Tea diet - sit-talk

For lovers of poca, sitting in the company of close people, invented a kind of methodology for correcting the weight "by interests" - a tea diet. For 6 days you have an excellent chance not to count a pair of folds at the waist and become lighter by 5 kg.

"Zest" diet - green tea, rich in useful ingredients, natural( not from the sachet), which can be drunk and warm, and with ice, and even adding a little honey. So during slimming you can walk around the guests and invite your friends to have a family get-together.

The essence of the technique is simple: every day 5 times you drink a large mug of tea and eat at least 3 times, but the list of allowed products is limited. Consumers of tea diet can only eat vegetables, protein foods and fruits. Fry food is prohibited, although lean meat / fish is allowed to cook on the grill.
In addition to tea, you can drink water, low-fat milk, broths of herbs. The best time to lose weight on tea is summer time, when nature treats us with its gifts, and green tea saves from thirst.

Liked it? In six months you can repeat.

Useful video: diet for weight loss

Now you know the top five interesting diets for 6 days. Make your choice and move the dream towards.

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