Weaving braids with ribbon: step by step instructions + tips for beginners

April 16, 2018 16:30 | Hairstyles
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  • Tips for beginners
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To look attractive and feminine in any situation, it is very important for girls to learnto look after hair. Only healthy, clean and neat locks obediently lie down in a spectacular hairstyle, harmoniously complementing the image. Having mastered weaving braids with ribbon, you can look perfect not only on public holidays, but also on weekdays.

How to choose the braid

For sure you met women with beautiful, but not suitable for their style( or clothing) styling. That's why it's very important to know how to choose the right hair.

Of all the abundance of possible options, the most universal, by right is the braid. There is a huge number of techniques that allow you to perform a smart hairstyle regardless of the length of the hair, age and style of clothing.

When it comes to weaving on the child's hair, it is appropriate to use bright accessories and all sorts of gum. In this case, it is worth remembering that as a child, strands are thinner, and therefore it is better to choose volumetric bands, large bows and unusual curly hairpins. These hairpieces are easy to spin, not too tightening the strands - otherwise you can damage your hair.

Older girls can safely experiment with their curls. Going to study or work, you can braid classic spikelets, a French waterfall, plait-pigtail or fish tail. For more solemn events, you can perform a spectacular weave braid with ribbons.

Varieties of weaving

Women have managed to come up with a huge number of schemes of weaving, each of which is charming and beautiful in its own way. The most popular options are:

  • Spikelets
  • Baskets
  • 3D 3D braids

The easiest way to learn the technique of weaving a spikelet. First of all, a styling agent is applied( this may be a varnish, a foam or a gel).After this, at the beginning of hair growth, a strand is taken and divided into three equal parts. It is better to do it slowly, choosing thin strands - this will make the hairstyle gentle and neat.

Weaving is carried out on the principle of crossing the right and left strands. With each new turn it is necessary to pick up the lower part of the hair, gently weaving it into the ear.

About popular French braids

It's interesting to know that this kind of weaving has absolutely nothing to do with France. For the first time the French braids were mastered by the inhabitants of the south-eastern part of Algeria. This is evidenced by wall drawings and other historical artifacts. Later fashion for this hairstyle took root among the beauties of ancient Greece.

French braids look graceful and effective, and therefore are in demand even among modern singers, actresses and TV presenters. To master this technique is within the power of any girl. If desired, it can be varied by adding a braid with a ribbon - the weave will look simple, but at the same time elegant.

  • Haircut with hot scissors seals the tips of the tips and heals damaged hair.
  • If you dream of beautiful and silky hair boldly go for hair biomination, details can be read here.

Light version of pigtail with ribbon

To give a hairdo a special highlight is possible with the help of openwork and satin ribbons of all colors. At first glance this may seem complicated or even impossible, but following all the instructions carefully, you will master the lesson of braiding the braid with the ribbon from the first time.

You need to start from the top, dividing the locks into three equal strands .The ribbon chosen by you is fixed by the invisible in the middle, as close as possible to the growth zone. After this, the left strand is carried over the middle and below the ribbon. Similarly, you need to do the right side( in this case, the tape will be at the bottom of the hair).

Next, the scheme of braiding the braid with the tape is repeated, but with each new curl you should add strands from below. When all the locks are neatly woven, the hair is tightened with an elastic band.

Simple weaving options for every day

Fish tail is a beautiful and feminine hairstyle that is quite simple to perform. To master the plaiting of this braid with the ribbon step by step, it is quite simple:

  • First of all, the hair is divided into two segments, and the ribbon is fixed to the left. After that, the tape is put on a strand, then under a lock. Thus, the decoration seems to wrap around the strand to lie down again from above.
  • Separating the new strand from the right side, it is necessary to hold it under the previously left strand. This new turn is wrapped with tape.
  • Further it is necessary to continue without changes, with each new coil adding podhvat.

Unusual braid of four locks

At first glance braid braid from 4 strands with ribbon may seem quite complicated. To master this technique you will really have to be patient, but the result will certainly be a pleasant surprise.

The plaiting instruction for the braid with the tape should be done step by step so that you do not miss anything:

  • The first thing to do is to make a side part. After that, separate the thin lock on the left, on which the tape is fixed.
  • Then the curl is divided into three equal strands + ribbon. In order not to get confused, number the strands from left to right so that the ribbon is the third.
  • The first coil is formed when the first strand passes under the second and is on the third. After this, the fourth curl should be put on the first and pass under the third.
  • Next, the scheme must be repeated, adding additional braids to the main braid. Do not forget that the numbering will be slightly changed: the second, the fourth, the third and the first.
  • When all the hair on the left side is woven, you can proceed to a similar weave on the right.
  • To make the hairstyle more elegant, you can put two pigtails and fix the studs. The resulting hair will resemble a flower.
  • Hair is better to be sprinkled with a varnish that the hairdress has kept the appeal as it is possible longer. Do not forget that the varnish should be no closer than thirty centimeters from the hair - otherwise the curls will stick together, and they will look dirty.


If you decide to master braid braid with ribbon, a step-by-step instruction of a hairdress called "waterfall" will come as you should. Despite the simplicity of the technique, not many girls can master it the first time. This hairstyle looks really gentle and perfectly complements the image.

It is necessary to begin with creating a smooth parting on the vertex. Next, you need to take a square section near the parting, and divide it into three equal strands. The tape is fixed on the middle curl.

The first weaving is done according to the principle of the classic braid: the strand lies on the left side, and the ribbon is on the bottom, and on the right is on the top. In order for the ordinary braid to turn into a waterfall, it is necessary to leave an end lock with each curl and replace it with a new one.

Having reached the level of the ear on the other side of the head, it is better to finish the hair with a classic weave, without adding new curls.

Especially good this hairstyle looks in the summer and in the spring, when girls wear luxurious dresses from light fabrics.

Interesting variant of

If you are going to a solemn event and want to impress those present with your stunning look, try to execute a "square" braid on your hair.

On the vertex, you need to separate the strand of hair, and then divide it into three equal segments. After that, the left curl is divided into two, more thin. To get the first curl, in the divided left strand you need to pass the middle, and then connect the halves. Similarly, you should do the right side. To make the spit look beautiful and bulky, it is better to straighten the strings a little.

  • Using argan oil will help make your hair smooth and silky, and the skin will become really healthy and radiant.
  • To properly treat the dryness of the lips, you need to first know why they dry, you can find out more here.

Tips for beginners

In order to learn how to weave braids, you need to acquire not only a detailed step-by-step instruction, but also the necessary tools that will greatly facilitate the work.

Essential Cosmetics

Hairstyle may look untidy if the hair is heavily puffed. To smooth unruly curls you need to use the styling products. Any mousse or gel will do. Damaged strands are best treated with cosmetic oil or liquid crystals. Also, to get the perfect hairstyle you need a strong-fixing lacquer.

Having mastered the technique of weaving braids, you can always look stylish and effective. This will surely give you confidence in yourself and your own beauty.

Learn to weave braids with ribbons: video

One of the most luxurious and effective accessories for braids are ribbons: openwork, satin, colorful. The braids with ribbons interwoven in them look unusual and fresh.