How delicious to cook scallops?

June 09, 2018 06:45 | Cooking

Unfortunately, most of us never have not tried this miracle of cooking, but have never even encountered them in stores, even without even knowing what these promising scallops look like.

All those who at least once rested somewhere on the beach, especially the Mediterranean, for sure, more than once met beautiful convex shells: they make many souvenirs and ornaments, and small specimens can even be found somewhere on the shore. What is even more interesting, in the minds of most of the inhabitants of our planet, the notion of "sea shell" and hides the image of a real scallop, we just did not even know about it.

In fact, it is an edible and very useful sea mollusk, which over the millennia of its existence has acquired many legends and legends. For example, in ancient mythology he became the personification of the feminine element, water and sexuality, the main features of the goddess Venus.

By the way, in the 80s of the last century the scallops appeared on the verge of complete extinction as a result of active reproduction of brown algae. As a result, the population still managed to be preserved, today it is being actively restored, but still it is still far from the formation of previous volumes. That is why today, an elite delicacy, scallops, is an expensive pleasure, which is not affordable for everyone.

But many housewives are frightened not only by the high price, but also by their ignorance of how delicious it is to cook scallops so that they turn out exactly as they are described by experienced gourmets: tender with pleasant sweetness peculiar only to these mollusks. In fact, it's not so difficult, most importantly, adhere to the basic rules.

Naturally, the most delicious will be scallops, only recently caught from the ocean floor. For some elite restaurants such shells are delivered every day by special divers who dive in the open ocean and collect scallops literally with their hands.

It is believed that the clams collected in this way are the most delicious, since if they are harvested by nets, they experience stress and change in taste.

Where to buy and how to choose?

In supermarkets or other shops, scallops usually come from farms on which they learned to grow in a special way. This process is quite laborious and expensive, and therefore the price for them is still relatively high.

To make your dish really delicate and tasty, you need to know how to choose these marine inhabitants. On sale you can meet loose scallops and closed in a vacuum package. The latter are much more useful and tastier than loose ones, they are given a shock freeze, as a result of which they preserve their useful properties and taste qualities much better.

Frozen loose scallops will cost you much cheaper than vacuum ones, but they will not taste so rich. It is usually not sold a single shell, which in diameter can reach 15-20 cm, but only the fillet of the scallop itself, that is, the muscle that connects the two shell shells. Very delicious and valuable caviar of shellfish is usually sold separately.


It is not right to choose this future delicacy, it also needs to be defrosted correctly. To do this, the package with all the contents is lowered into cold water for 1 hour.

Sometimes scallops unfreeze faster, in that case, it is very important not to miss the moment when they are ready for further heat treatment, so as not to spoil their sweet taste. By the way, in restaurants, such mollusks are thawed in water with milk, so that the result is the most delicate dish.

How to cook?

Actually, despite their external mystery, you can cook almost anything from scallops, you can choose any vintage cooking method. So, the scallops are incredibly delicious, if they are served completely raw: for this, they are cut into thin slices, and to emphasize their exquisite taste, the meat can be slightly salted, peppered and poured with olive oil.

For those who are completely raw shellfish do not inspire confidence, you can like marinated scallops - it's enough for them to cook a delicious marinade.

For him you can use a variety of spices: pepper, salt, thyme, basil, rosemary, dill and others, as well as olive oil. The scallops are again cut into thin slices, after which they are soaked for an hour in a marinade. The most common way of making such a mollusk is its roasting.

You can do this as in a pan or on a grill, as you like. To fry the scallops on the grill, it is necessary to pre-lubricate the mesh with oil, as mollusks have a habit of strongly sticking to its surface.

Scallops themselves should also be greased with olive oil, so that they do not dry out during the frying, but are more juicy. Roasting time - only a few minutes, it can vary from the size of the mollusc.

In a frying pan, it's also easy to fry them: for this you will need a fairly large frying pan, so that the scallops can be decomposed without touching each other. Meat of a mollusc must be pre-lubricated with your favorite spices, and then spread on a hot frying pan, for 1.5 minutes on each side.

Finished scallops should cease to be colorless, if their central part is still transparent, then the frying process can be extended for another 2 minutes. After that, they can be safely served at the table.

Scallops in other dishes

These useful shellfish are actively used as one of the ingredients for creating tasty and interesting dishes, for example, in soups or risotto. It is important to remember that regardless of the recipe, scallops are absolutely ready very quickly, and, therefore, they must be added to the general dish not earlier than 3-4 minutes before its full preparation.

For example, these shellfish can not be cooked for long, otherwise it's very easy to overdo with this business, as a result, they turn out to be completely "rubber".Also they are not recommended to warm up, as they quickly lose their qualities and cease to please with a delicate taste.