Squats from cellulite: an effective method of combating orange thighs

June 09, 2018 14:15 | Sport And Fitness

The female body is truly a mystery. Insufficient amount of fat promises hormonal disorders. But if the fat is just a little more than necessary, the problems begin. And these problems concern not only self-esteem - excess fat and the last stages of cellulite can cause serious harm to health. Methods of combating orange crusts, as with the light hand of an unknown author dubbed cellulite, a lot. Today, let's talk about how squats from cellulite help to keep themselves in shape and health.

  • Interesting fact about cellulite
  • Squatting as a way to deal with a defect
  • How to do
  • Implementation options for
  • When to wait for extensions
  • Not squatting a single
  • Video complex of squats from cellulite

An interesting fact about cellulite

Despite the fact that doctors around the worldrecognize in cellulite a dangerous enemy and see it as a physiological disease, some scientists believe it - do not fall - a secondary sexual sign. In their opinion, cellulite deposits testify to the sexual "maturity" of a woman and that natural fat in the female body is enough to carry a healthy child. They also believe that cellulite on the thighs speaks about the balance of female hormones in the body and the normal functioning of the endocrine system.

But let's leave the debate about this great learned men, the fact remains: cellulite is ugly. And if such imperfection gives you discomfort, you need to act, as this phenomenon neither name. So, is it possible to remove cellulite with squats?- Yes, it is possible, but everything is not so simple here. Let's understand.

Squats as a way to deal with a defect

Various squats with weighting and without being recognized as the most effective and safe in performing an exercise to combat the orange invasion. Any squats help with cellulite, if done regularly, in the right technique and do not be lazy to combine the load with the procedures to eliminate cellulite deposits.

The good old squat gives us a lot:

  • Helps to break down fat deposits.
  • Displays stagnant liquid from the "riding breeches" area.
  • Strengthens blood microcirculation, increases lymph flow.
  • Burns calories.
  • Increases muscle tone, strengthens the skin turgor.

Another squat from cellulite is called a universal exercise. And this is why: it is not difficult to do in order to devote much time, you do not need any additional adaptations and equipment. There is a spirit, there are a couple of free square meters - and you are ready. It is effective because when you squat from cellulite, you get rid of, lifting the weight of your own body.

Do not forget, and that's what: squats against cellulite involve all the muscle groups of the legs - calves, hips, buttocks. That is, you not only lose excess and get rid of the disheveled tubercles that disfiguring your beautiful body, but also sharpen the shape of your legs, pull up the ass, and look much better in all respects. There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful girl in tight jeans, ideally sitting on a chiseled figure. The goal is set - we proceed to action.

How to do

So, we found out that squats help about cellulite, but how do they do? This may seem like a whole science, but in reality there is nothing complicated here. The rules are simple:

  1. We keep our back straight, watch the posture.
  2. The legs do not fully straighten up when lifting - so the load on the muscles will be greater.
  3. In the squat, we drag the buttocks back and forth, pulling them up with the force when lifting.
  4. We make sure that the thighs are parallel to the floor during execution.
  5. Do not tear the feet off the floor.

Do squats from cellulite at least 30-40 times a day. Yes, they need to be done daily for better effect. When you stop feeling tired after the 40th squat, and eventually it will, increase the number of repetitions to a hundred. Gradually. The main thing: the last 5-10 repetitions should be given with difficulty.

Tip: you do not need to do all the repetitions at once, if it's hard for you, you can break the exercise into several approaches. If you perform squats from cellulite with weighting, the results will appear faster, but do not overexert.

Options for

There are a lot of options:

  1. Classic squat "ordinary".We occupy the starting position( IP): the legs are shoulder width apart, the back is even, the legs are slightly bent. Slowly, without hurrying, we go down, as if we were about to sit down on a chair. Just return slowly to the IP.
  2. Normal squat with load. We do all the same, but we take in hand on a dumbbell or a small bottle( fill the bottle with sand or water).Hands stretch in front of him or raise him to his shoulders and begin to squat.
  3. "Wide" sit-ups from cellulite work out and the inner side of the thigh. The more you manage to spread your legs, the greater the result you can then boast. So, put your hands on your waist, draw your belly and go down. Watch the toes of the feet, they must "look" outward. For greater effect, stay in squat for 5-10 seconds, after 10 squats it is not easy, but it's worth it.
  4. Squats with attacks. We stand straight, the handle on the belt, the back is straight. We make one foot a step to the side, the second one is firmly pressed to the floor. We transfer weight to the lagged leg and crouch, repeat the same for the second leg. The falls can be done forward. A very effective exercise, try it - your legs are already burning, especially in places where cellulite has appeared.
  5. In the turn. PI standard, crouch, slightly withdrawing the leg and torso to the left, returning to the PI, we repeat the other way.
  6. In the jump. At the expense of "once" crouched, "two" - jumped, stretching his arms up, "three" - returned to their original position.

When to wait for extensions

Asking whether squats help with cellulite, you need to understand that you will not get any immediate changes, even if you squander all day. Be prepared for the fact that the first results will be noticeable in 2-3 weeks from the beginning of the "battle" for your body with orange peel. A tangible result will appear no earlier than a month of hard work.

Not squatting a single

To make squats from cellulite produce results faster, an integrated approach to the problem is required. Exercise will be effective only if you revise your diet, attitude to sweets for the night and, of course, supplement your arsenal with spa procedures.

Self-massage, for example, can be done every day before going to bed, rubbing an anti-cellulite cream or simply stretching your legs. Thinning the thighs is beneficial and in the shower with the help of a stiff washcloth and scrubs is a very effective way to disperse blood. Do not hesitate to try wrapping with a medication or some purchased drug from cellulite. It all works. But it works perfectly well only in a complex, do not forget.

Video complex sit-ups from cellulite

If you are not in a hurry or by nature Lazy Lazybone, even for 30 squats of any type per day will give you a noticeable result in a month. And now imagine how you will be transformed if you take up squats from cellulite seriously. In a month you will be slimmer, closer to the cherished scales on the scales. Is it inspiring? Still would. By horses, ladies!

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