Missing voice: how to treat?

June 09, 2018 16:45 | Women's Health

Many faced the situation when suddenly the voice disappears. Instead of a normal conversation, only a torn whisper comes out. What is the cause of this ailment and how to treat the missing voice?

Just shut up

If the voice disappears, you need to try to establish the cause of this ailment. But no matter what influenced the ability to communicate normally, you need to communicate less at this moment. That is, do not try to speak with all the whispers - it only aggravates the problem with the bundles. And, moreover, do not call a friend, in detail describing the hardships of the current situation. You just need to be quiet and give yourself a break.

Choose a gentle diet

In order to help restore the vocal cords, you need to observe certain nutrition. From the diet, at least for a while you will have to exclude sharp, hot, very salty dishes. And you can not drink carbonated drinks. All these products can cause additional irritation of the inflamed mucous larynx.

Calming the nerves

Stress, overexertion, excessive excitement - all this can also cause loss of voice. And in that case you need to calm down first. If the basics of psychotherapy and word treatment are still to be mastered, then such a proven method as valerian or soothing pills - always works.

By the way, breathing helps also to calm down. Moreover, breathing exercises can positively affect the general state of health, and save from hoarseness, as well as pain in the throat. Perform them simply - just breathe with your mouth and nose at the same time. They say that such a method is practiced even by opera singers, preparing for the beginning of concerts.

Remove the voltage from the

ligaments. The voice can also be lost if the ligaments have been strained. This can happen, if the day before sing the song to the guitar until the morning or try to communicate with a friend in a noisy disco.
However, relieve tension from the ligaments, you can by drinking a glass of warm mors, cooked from blackberries or raspberries. You can also rinse your throat with a solution of water with a spoonful of salt, as well as a few drops of iodine. Help can and this recipe: in small sips you need to drink 25 grams of cognac, and after - gogol-mogol from one egg. It is advisable to perform all these procedures for the night, then put on woolen socks and wrap the neck with a warm scarf.

Overcome the cold

A common cause of loss of voice can be a cold. The same laryngitis can cause a dry cough, hoarse or hoarse voice. You can return it by eating warm and fatty foods.

Specialists advise to gargle with throat cream or warm milk. In milk, you can also add a little butter and honey. Warm drink will gradually warm up your throat, fatty foods will create a natural protective film.

If acute laryngitis has passed, then you can try to do inhalation. Doctors recommend making steam inhalation, adding honey, herbal infusions. You can use aqueous solutions of baking soda or solutions with sea buckthorn or eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus broom can help, only in the bathhouse. In the steam room it needs to be warmed up, brought to your face and inhaled a few minutes of healing aroma. Essential oils in the bath help to relieve inflammation and pain.

Absence of treatment will change the voice of

If the expert diagnosed laryngitis and the voice disappeared against the background of the disease, then the treatment can not be postponed. The fact is that this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. In particular, intense stress on the inflamed mucosa can lead to dysphonia. This state, when the voice is violated - instead of smooth and melodic, the voice can become hoarse, hoarse, quiet. Therefore it is important to listen to the body and follow the recommendations of specialists.