How to make cheekbones more expressive

June 11, 2018 02:30 | Makeup

Correction of the face, including cheekbones, can be done not only with the help of plastic surgery. Professional make-up is quite capable of replacing the surgeon's scalpel.

Before considering how to make the cheekbones expressively with the help of cosmetics, you need to determine your type of cheekbones. To do this, just look in the mirror and smile.

High cheekbones

Women with oval type of face often have high cheekbones: their outer part originates from the temples, then the line of cheekbones slightly arches slightly below the eye, gradually narrows and leaves to the wings of the nose.

If, after looking in the mirror, you will see that, during a smile, the cheekbones went up to the eyes, then you are the owner of high cheekbones.

In this case, a little blush should be applied to the upper part of the cheek, and the whiskey should be brightened with a corrector.

A person with high cheekbones looks proportional even without makeup and excess blush can spoil the overall impression.

Cheekbones located in the center of the cheeks

If during the smile your cheeks are rounded, slightly lifted and form a bulge, this means that you have cheekbones that are located in the center of the cheeks.

Cheekbones of this type are noticeable without make-up, so the blush should be of natural color. Do not apply cosmetics to the very bulge of the cheeks, it will be enough to apply blush, starting from the center of the cheeks and continue to the upper edge of the ear.

The corrector in this case is superimposed parallel to the line of blush and rises to the temples.

Low cheekbones

Visually, the face with low cheekbones looks a bit heavy, especially since this shape of cheekbones occurs in women with a round, triangular or square type of face.

If with a smile cheekbones begin from the corners of the mouth, make a semicircle and end at the earlobe, you are the owner of low cheekbones.

In this case, the rouge is applied only to the central part of the cheeks, and then they are removed almost to the top of the ear. This make-up stretches the face and visually lightens it.

The corrector should also only emphasize the cheekbone and reach the eye level.

Broad heavy cheekbones

For owners of round and square faces are characterized by wide cheekbones. Their line forms a semicircle, which originates from the outer corner of the eyes and bends in the direction of the ears.

If, with a smile, the cheekbones "stretch" in the sides, and the cheeks take the shape of the outer edge of the jaws, then you have broad cheekbones.
When making such cheekbones, you need to narrow your face, and apply blush only to the outer third of your cheeks.
The corrector is applied to the uppermost part of the cheekbone.

Small inconspicuous cheekbones

Small cheekbones can be found in all types of face.
If the cheeks do not rise during a smile, it means that you have small imperceptible cheekbones.

Owners of these cheekbones can, with the help of cosmetics, "make" themselves such cheekbones as they like.
Blush can be applied from the center of the cheek to the middle of the ear.
The corrector is needed only for a light brushstroke on the top of the cheeks.

As you can see, in order to make the cheekbones expressive, only blush, a corrector and a mirror will be needed.