Treatment of polyps in the gallbladder with folk remedies - the pros and cons

June 13, 2018 07:00 | Folk Remedies

Polyps are benign formations in the gallbladder. Often the disease is asymptomatic, and you can live for years without suspecting its presence. This is his insidiousness: an innocuous polyp can eventually degenerate into a cancerous tumor, so when it is detected, it is necessary to begin treatment immediately. Typically, the polyp is removed surgically, but surgery can be avoided if it is detected at an early stage. In this case, it is recommended to treat polyps in the gall bladder with folk remedies.

  • causes and symptoms of the disease
  • Types of polyps
  • Diet for polyps
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • by means of herbs
  • Treatment mushrooms
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Causes and symptoms

disease Among the main reasons leading to the formation of polyps, secretethe following: hereditary predisposition, a large number of cholesterol in the blood, a metabolic disorder in the body, chronic inflammation of the gallbladder. Most often, this disease affects women in their thirties. In addition, you need to know that the growth of the polyp can provoke pregnancy, so when planning it is recommended to remove the tumor in advance.

As already noted, the disease usually occurs without any symptoms, but in some cases the patient feels a slight pain in the hypochondrium on the right side, heaviness in the stomach and nausea after eating. Diagnosis of polyps in the gallbladder is carried out using ultrasound, computed tomography and endosonography. To more closely examine the structure and determine the localization of polyps resort to magnetic resonance cholangiography. If a polyp is found from 5 to 9 mm in size, to control its growth, it is necessary to have an ultrasound scan every six months, a polyp more than 1 cm requires surgery.

Types of polyps

Cholesterol, the growth of which can trigger an excess of cholesterol in the mucous membrane of the organ.
Inflammatory, which is formed due to chronic inflammatory processes taking place in the gallbladder.
Benign. They are divided into papilloma( neoplasm in glandular tissue) and adenoma( growths on the mucosa in the form of papillae), it is the polyps of this species that most often degenerate into a cancerous tumor.

Diet for polyps

Compliance with diet is a prerequisite for successful treatment of the disease. It is necessary to exclude sweet, buttery, fatty and smoked products, as well as beans, canned food and spices. Limit the amount of salt and fats of animal origin, at least use onions, garlic, radish. You can and should eat low-fat dietary rabbit meat, turkey, chicken, eggs, boiled vegetables, fresh fruit, low-fat cottage cheese. Try to eat often and in small portions. It is necessary to drink a large amount of pure water, the liquid dilutes bile and does not allow it to stagnate. Take the rule of drinking a glass of water before eating.

When drinking polyps, be sure to drink a lot of water

Folk methods of treatment

Folk remedies for polyps in the gallbladder include herbal decoctions, infusions and doses, and mushrooms-raincoats and various types of cleansing of the gall bladder are also good for polyps. All means should be taken only under medical supervision.

Herbal remedies

The effectiveness of treating gallbladder polyp with folk remedies using herbs is proven by the positive feedback of patients who have already used these funds.

Herbal infusions help to get rid of the polyps

To prepare, take 20 grams of plantain, St. John's wort, corn silk, helichrysum, mother and stepmother, shepherd's purse, knotweed leaves of wild strawberry and blackberry, 15 g dill seeds and train and 40 grose hips. Boil water( 0.5 liters) and pour two spoons of the mixture, pour in for 30 minutes. Drink shortly before breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1/3 cup for thirty days.

Well helps in the treatment of polyps celandine grass. You can cook the infusion only from this herb or with the addition of chamomile. In the first case, dilute a spoonful of herbs in a glass of boiling water and after 1.5 hours strain. Drink two spoons before meals three times a day. In the second case - mix both herbs equally and brew one spoonful of mixture with a glass of steep boiling water and let stand the night. In the morning, drink one large spoon on an empty stomach. Treatment for thirty days, then after a ten-day break, the course can be repeated.

Purity for the treatment of polyps

Prepare a decoction of the following herbs: yarrow( 3 spoons), immortelle( 2 spoons), rhubarb( 1 spoonful).One large spoonful of the mixture boil after boiling for 15 minutes in a glass of water. After the solution is infused for an hour, strain. In a day you need to drink one and a half glasses, dividing it into three meals.

Treatment with mushrooms

With this method, the treatment takes place in three stages. For the first stage you need 15 g of mushroom-raincoats, which need to be cleaned and broken into small parts. Pour them 100 ml of vodka and put in a closed container for a week in the closet. Each day, the composition should be shaken, and after the term, mash the mushrooms with 0.5 kg of butter and honey( 3 tablespoons).The mixture should be taken after eating one large spoon.

Mushroom raincoats - an excellent remedy for polyps

For the second course of treatment, you need ten large leaves of aloe, which you need to hold in the fridge for a week, then finely chopped, grinded with honey( 5 spoonfuls) and butter( 0.5 kg), anddiluted with cognac( 50 ml).Take the product after each meal by one large spoon. The course lasts until the remedy is over.

For the third stage, prepare an infusion of herbs that have choleretic action. You can take milk thistle or artichoke, insist one large spoon in a half liter of boiling water and drink before eating a quarter of a glass.

Folk methods of treatment of polyps in the gallbladder are effective only with the initial development of the disease. If the disease is delayed and the neoplasm is large, it is unlikely to avoid surgical intervention. Folk remedies should be taken after consultation with a doctor and with constant monitoring of the dynamics of the disease.

Video: treatment of the gallbladder with folk remedies