Before what year does the mother's program operate and what are the projections of its extension

June 14, 2018 00:30 | Tips Mums

People who know how to properly manage their time and always know what they want, perfectly understand that it is different from money, it can not be saved, borrowed or stocked up for future use. But in many cases it is time that decides the fate of finance. Therefore, the question of how long the Maternity Capital program works is exactly what disturbs millions of parents who are planning two or more children, because only a year remains until the end of this social program. What's next?

  • Mothers' capital: rush or wait
  • End date of the program
  • When spending child money
  • Will the extension of the motivation program
  • Forecasts for the abolition of family capital
  • Results and consequences

Maternity capital: rush or wait

From 2007 to this day every woman, having two or more children, could use the Federal program to support families with children. But many mothers today do not know about the terms of the maternity capital, and up to what year really get the coveted certificate.

The end of the program

A social program that provides state support to families with children for education, a funded mother's pension, or an improvement in living conditions was introduced in December 2006. The main objective of the innovation was the motivation of families to increase the birth rate. The duration of the incentive program was limited to the end of 2016.

According to this, the legal force of the MSC legislation applies to all children who will be born or will be adopted before January 1, 2017. Even if the baby is born at the end of 2016, his mother can applyfor material resources after the onset of 2017

But if the program does end in December 2016, this means that kids born on New Year's Eve unfortunately give their parents the right to receive additionalThey will no longer be able to pay the state. The council here can only be one - hurry up and have one more baby before the New Year holidays.

When spending children's money

Legislation stipulated that the parents of those children who are born before December 31, 2016 will be able to receive certificates for the matkapital. But it will be possible to spend these funds in the following years - and in 10 years and 20 years later it was initiallywas said in the law.

The amount of funds left in the motherboard will be constantly indexed and, therefore, grow every year. And the amounts for the corresponding payments will be provided for in the RF budget for the next years. Therefore, even if the program itself is completed, the term of the mother's capital will remain unlimited.

Will the extension of the motivational program

Proposals for the prolongation of the social program "Maternity Capital" are repeatedly considered by the government of the Russian Federation. It is believed that it is an effective method of stimulating an increase in the birth rate. But until what year have the maternity capital been extended and has it been extended at all?

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation O. Golodets, family capital is likely to be extended until 2017, that is, it will apply to children born in 2017. She stressed that there can be no absolute abolition, althoughThe Ministry of Finance and accepts proposals for optimizing budget expenditures and, consequently, rejecting family capital. But soon after the statement of the vice-premier clarifications followed, they say, in 2017, it will be only about payments, and not about joining.

The Government of the Russian Federation is also considering the continuation of payment processing until 2025.

In this case it is assumed that the program will work as long as the state concept of demographic policy is working. But this decision has not yet been made, so we should not hope for such news now. Especially since the Ministry of Finance calls these rumors premature.

So what do you do - hurry or delay with the birth of a second baby? Probably, it will be better to hurry, while there is still time. After all, in connection with the financial crisis of 2015, the extension of the parent capital remains under a big question mark.

Forecasts for the abolition of family capital

Today any family with two or more children has the right to provide her with family capital. But politicians believe that after 2016 this assistance should be modified and become targeted, depending on the income of the family. Why is that?

The five main reasons for the possible suspension of the

  • program are the budget deficit, which annually allocates a significant portion of the funds to the family capital;
  • is relatively low-impact, because quite a few families, according to regular surveys, decided to increase the number of children in their home during the period of the existence of the matkapital;
  • wide spread of various fraudulent transactions, which requires a serious revision of the legislation in this area;
  • limited means of spending, which causes complaints of many recipients of certificates;
  • lack of opportunity to use family capital "on need", which causes the need to provide targeted assistance.

Results and implications of

If, in fact, the issuance of certificates for receiving maternity capital ceases in 2017, then:

  1. State agencies will significantly save the federal budget.
  2. There will be an increase in children's benefits, which are now at a meager level.
  3. Other methods of stimulating fertility will be introduced.
  4. The list of social assistance measures will be expanded.
  5. Most likely, the prices of real estate will decrease, which has also grown because of the opportunity to spend the maternity capital for the purchase of housing.

Thus, those who have given birth and adopted children in 2017 and subsequent years will no longer be able to count on receiving this social assistance. But, nevertheless, the state promises the adoption of new bills that will provide support to families and will stimulate the growth of the birth rate in the country. Therefore, if you are still confused and do not know how best to do, contact specialists who will acquaint you with the innovations in this field, relevant at this time.