Cocoa glaze

June 15, 2018 07:45 | Bakery Products

Among the many creams for the cake, the most popular, tasty and not difficult was and remains chocolate glaze. Chocolate and elements from it harmoniously complement any dessert. This miracle product will be discussed. There is not a small number of recipes for making glazes, but we will focus on the most popular and simple.

Glaze recipe for chocolate and cocoa cake

To prepare this glaze you will need a tile of milk chocolate, cocoa and a little milk. An important condition for the successful completion of heating is a water bath. On an open fire, nothing good can come of it.

In a container that is standing on a water bath, we break the chocolate into pieces and start to stir it, gradually the chocolate will melt, add there two tablespoons of milk, a tablespoon of cocoa and continue stirring to make the mass homogeneous.

When the milk with chocolate is mixed and becomes the consistency of thick sour cream - spread the icing on the cake, as soon as it starts to cool, it simultaneously starts and freezes.

After the application of the glaze, it is better to place the product in the refrigerator to completely solidify the chocolate.

Chocolate glaze from cocoa for a cake

This kind of glaze is great for making a cake, rather than cakes. The thing is, it's getting pretty fluid. If you pour such icing on a cake - it completely drains onto the pallet. And on a large cake, it will look appropriate, the glossy surface and dark color perfectly complement the cake and mask the filling.


  • milk( 2 tablespoons);
  • sugar( 3 full tablespoons);
  • cocoa powder( 4 tsp);
  • 25 g of butter;
  • vanilla sugar( optional).

In metal, not enameled dishes we put milk and sugar, mix and put on fire. We stir until the sugar is completely dissolved in the milk, add the oil and at the end of the cocoa.

All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed during preparation, otherwise they will exfoliate. When the glaze starts to thicken well - you can turn off the fire and after 2-3 minutes pour the cake. This glaze will harden without being placed in the cold, but do not expect that it will be like chocolate, it will look like a melted caramel.

Chocolate glaze from cocoa and sour cream

This kind of glaze has a specific taste, not usual for the usual perception of chocolate glaze, but it does not become less tasty.

To prepare this glaze you will need:

  • sour cream( 3 tablespoons);
  • butter( 50 g);
  • sugar( 3 tablespoons);
  • cocoa( 3 tbsp.).

All ingredients, except oil, mix in a metal container, put on a low heat and stir until a uniform mass is formed. When the sugar dissolves and the ingredients mix well, turn off the fire and add the oil, stir until it dissolves completely. In a minute you can pour on the cake. This glaze requires cold, as sour cream can quickly sour in the heat.

Chocolate glaze made of cocoa and condensed milk

This is one of the popular recipes, as the glaze turns out to be especially delicious.

For preparation, take:

  • black chocolate( tile 100g);
  • evaporated milk( 100 g);
  • sugar( 1 tbsp.);
  • butter( 1/2 tsp).

As in the first recipe, we will cook on a water bath. In the container, which stands on the bath, we place condensed milk, sugar and broken chocolate.

Stir until completely dissolved and continue to stir until the boiling point. When the first bubbles are formed, turn off and add butter. Stir until completely dissolved and mixed. This type of glaze should be slightly cool, 5-7 minutes. After decoration, the product can be placed in the cold.

Glaze from the package

In any supermarket you can now find a bright paper bag with the inscription "Glaze".In this package, all the ingredients necessary for the preparation of the glaze are already mixed: sugar, cocoa, milk powder or starch, flavor. As a rule, on the back of the package there is an instruction for preparing such a glaze. It is enough to add milk. The amount of milk needed for cooking is indicated on the package.

The essence of cooking remains the same - mix and stir on low heat. The simplest option, but, as practice shows - not the most delicious. In addition, to make each stage of cooking dessert with your own hands - it's so nice. And with a mixture of the package will cope with any!