New Year's hand-made articles: master classes on decorations and decorations for the new year 2014

June 16, 2018 03:45 | New Year

Crafting New Year's crafts with your own hands is a very interesting and fascinating activity that can bring a lot of positive and useful. The symbol of the approaching year is a horse. Using the image of this wonderful animal, you can create a lot of great souvenirs that people like close and just familiar people. In addition, there are a huge number of ideas that make celebrating the New Year unforgettable.

  • Video ideas of stunning New Year's crafts
  • Interior decorations and Christmas tree decorations
  • Origami jewelry and homemade snow balls
  • Delicious New Year surprises
  • Lovely souvenirs in the form of a horse
  • Decorate the interior and make postcards

Video ideas of stunning New Year'scrafts

Variants of decor of the room and Christmas decorations

Craftswomen can interestingly decorate the New Year tree, beautifully decorate the room. For this purpose, they make: paper snowflakes for windows, garlands in the form of snowmen, angels, stars, etc. You can attach a strip of silvery rain to the ceiling with a cotton wool and the room will surely change.

Christmas decorations, made by yourself, can be very diverse. Very interesting are transparent glass spheres, this is a wide field for creativity. One of the great ideas for creating a unique craft for the New Year is the placement of a bright photo inside the Christmas tree. To do this, select the image of the desired size, twist it with a tube and thrust it into the hole, placing the inside of the toy.

Glass Christmas balls, supplemented with photographs of loved ones, can be not only a beautiful decoration of the New Year tree, but also a memorable souvenir

Look great glass balls, hand painted. In addition, you can apply the technique of decoupage and create something special. Such crafts can be great gifts. A great idea is to use a simple burned light bulb instead of a ball. A flight of fantasy will turn her into a snowman, Santa Claus, a penguin, a deer or a long-eared bunny.

Beautiful and light in performance are transparent balls of thread. For their manufacture use inflated balloon, smeared with a layer of glue and a variety of ropes, ribbons, which are placed on its surface. For strength, the structure is sprayed with hairspray and allowed to dry. After the balloon is gone, a beautiful Christmas ornament will remain in your hands.

Origami jewelry and homemade snow balls

Beautiful gifts can be made in origami technique. It is easy enough to make Christmas trees, Santa Claus, balls or stars. But you can go further, and create a complex composition of modular origami. Very beautiful "Christmas Star", which will make video master class New Year's handicrafts. The proposed step-by-step instruction will help to make such beautiful decorative designs that will perfectly decorate the interior.

Christmas star is a great example of modular origami, which will require perseverance, but the final result is sure to please.

Following the step-by-step instructions it's easy to learn how to make beautiful Christmas stars:

Snowballs are beautiful souvenirs that allow you to plunge into the fairy-tale world. If they are made by hand, the value of such a gift increases. To create this product, you need a glass container with a tight lid, a beautiful figure, some sparkles or artificial snow, distilled water, glycerin, glue and a special construction gun. The manufacturing process is quite simple. A figurine is fastened to the lid, the vessel is filled with liquid with glycerin in a ratio of 1: 1, put on sequins. This construction is securely fixed with glue. The composition can be complicated by various elements, for example, drifts of self-hardening plastic, stones and other decorative elements.

Delicious New Year's surprises

It is possible to please all family members, friends, colleagues with homemade ginger biscuits. This delicacy with a special taste and aroma is a traditional Christmas treat in Western countries. It will not leave indifferent any sweet tooth. The recipe for ginger biscuits is quite simple. Necessary products: sugar 100 grams, honey 165 grams, butter 125 grams, eggs 1 piece, flour 0.5 kg, 1 teaspoon minced ginger, fragrant pepper, cinnamon, cloves.

Easy to cook ginger biscuits can be a wonderful gift or element of festive decor

The dough is prepared simply. In the refractory container, sugar, honey and spices are brought to a boil, then the mixture is removed from the fire. Add the oil and after dissolving the flour, the egg. The dough is kneaded, rolled, cut out the cookies. It is convenient to use special shapes of hearts, stars, animals and, of course, little men.

You can go further and make sweet houses, the details of which are baked, and then they are assembled as a designer. For fastening and decoration use glaze. Tasty biscuits even decorate the Christmas tree. To do this, pre-make holes in products, stretch them bright strings.

A delicious gift can be honey, homemade jam or jam, packed in bright fabric or colored paper. It is good to add a jar with a tag or a label with a small wish. Inedible, but very beautiful are crafts made from salted dough. It is worth trying to create a series of merry horses, coloring New Year's crafts in 2014 with bright colors.

Lovely souvenirs in the form of a horse

The symbol of the approaching year is a horse - a kind, but a wayward animal. Graceful handsome, embodied in a variety of handicrafts, will bring good luck and positive emotions to all to whom they will be presented.

Symbol of the coming year can be realized in a variety of angles and from different materials

With a little effort, you can create interesting souvenirs from a variety of materials. Knit, embroidered or fashioned horses will look great. A good idea is to wag a symbol of the coming year out of wool. If you set a goal, it's easy to create a lot of beautiful souvenirs, which will be appreciated by others.

People, keen on knitting, you can advise to create a series of warm accessories: scarves, socks, mittens. And if you add a small image of the horse, the gift will be symbolic and will certainly bring good luck. In order to make the horse more interesting, you can sew on the buttons-eyes, and make bridle from the shiny beads.

Gentle looking variety of products crocheted. Air angels, stars, snowflakes can perfectly complement the New Year's compositions. A wonderful gift for a child is a toy horse, which is knitted quite easily with stitches without a crochet. Each ready-made element must be immediately filled with cotton. Eyes, nostrils are best embroidered with a black thread.

Toy horse can be a wonderful gift for the baby, and its production will not take much time.

Decorate the interior and make postcards

. Decorating the interior on New Year's Eve is a very interesting and pleasant experience. You can create real frozen songs from living branches. To make an artificial frost, make a thick saline solution and leave all the elements in it for several hours. Drying, branches will be covered with white crystals, just like real frost.

Creating crafts for the New Year 2014 is interesting, as this busy wakes up every little adult a small interested child. Fill the house with spicy flavors, decorated with a New Year tree and furniture, will help special Christmas decorations. For these purposes, cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, anise stars, orange slices, cones, acorns, berries are suitable. From all this, you can create amazing compositions from houses and stars, construct Christmas trees and garlands, using for fastening the rope or tape.

Fill the house with delicious flavors, decorating the New Year tree, Christmas decorations from spices that are attached with the help of ribbons and ropes

Beautiful New Year's gift - a postcard made by own hands. To create it you will need: a good idea, a set of beautiful paper, scissors, glue, a variety of decorative elements. Beads, buttons, ribbons, bright shoelaces, ribbons, and rhinestones will also be relevant here. Ideal subjects for such crafts will be Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen. You can fantasize by depicting the symbol of the approaching year in the form of a troika of galloping horses across the snow-covered forest. Bells with bells also become wonderful images when creating a postcard. To personalize such a gift, you can use photos. Rhinestones and ribbons will make their appearance even more interesting.

Pre-New Year preparations - an exciting, joyful event that will easily allow you to plunge into the world of fun. Each adult is able to reincarnate for an hour in a mischievous child, enthusiastically something master. It does not matter what it will be - funny cookies, intricate snowflakes, elegant garlands or real glass decorations for a Christmas tree. Thousands of ideas are available for use in decorating a room or creating beautiful gifts. It is only necessary to start doing something with our own hands, and the feeling of an impending holiday will inevitably break into everyday life.