How to give pleasure kiss

June 17, 2018 13:30 | He And She He And She
Who among us did not think about how his favorite person perceives his kiss? Does he like him, does he enjoy it? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? These issues can worry not only young and inexperienced."Love of all ages is submissive," says the famous proverb. In this article we will talk about the art of kissing.

How to give pleasure to a kiss - 12 important tips for

1. Do not be shy. Never complex before a partner. Be sincere in your feelings, because really close people can not hide the true relationship to each other. If you want to kiss your loved one right here and now - do it. Surprise him with an unexpected surge of passion!

2. Create a mood. Nothing stimulates to long, passionate kisses, like a pleasant, romantic atmosphere. Light candles, put light, quiet music, pour a glass of good wine - and kiss on health!

3. Feel each other. A loving person usually clearly grasps the mood of his partner. If he is depressed, distressed or just without mood, it's best to wait with caresses. Talk to him, try to help, and if he wants to be alone - leave your loved one for a while. Kissing will be fun only when both want it.

4. Be persistent. It is important to observe the golden mean: excessive pressure in the desire to kiss a person( especially this applies to the first date) can not just scare, but also push it away for a long time. But "go with the flow" is not worth it. Moderate initiative, which can manifest both a man and a woman - the best way out.

5. Watch for the smell. And this concerns not only the freshness of breathing. Very important is the aroma emanating from the hair and body. You should always be on top!

6. Soft lips. How can you give pleasure to a guy with a kiss of weather-beaten and flaky lips? This is unrealistic! But in an age of rapid development of cosmetology, the output is not difficult to find. Any shine, vitaminized balm or just honey will make your lips not only soft and tender, but also attractive, and smelling good.

7. In time, shave the vegetation on the face. This advice applies to men. They do not even know how unpleasant it is to touch the stubble bristles, which are usually pricked and leaves redness on the skin. Men, watch the frequency of shaving, and your ladies will kiss you much more often!

8. Show your desire to kiss. Girls can recommend a simple gesture, which at a subconscious level will let the man know about her desire to get another kiss. Slightly, stealthily, lick your lips. You will see, in 90% of cases your partner will want to do the same.

9. Do not rush. Give kisses more time. Let it last as long as you would like both of them. In fact only in this case pleasure from a kiss will be mutual.

10. Stir. Often a kiss is a prelude to something more than just embraces. If the goal is set - show your passion, showing your partner that you do not want to continue caressing.

11. Kiss the sucker. Of course, for a greeting or gratitude, a brief "smack" on the cheek or lip is enough. But a real passionate kiss of lovers must be deep. But do not be too zealous, because too active movements with your tongue may not be very pleasant. Everything should be slow, smooth and gentle.

12. Kiss more often. According to statistics, couples who often kiss, live much longer and happier than those who do not give such caresses much importance. And this is really so, because a passionate, tender kiss not only brings pleasure to both partners, but also brings them closer. The kiss symbolizes trust, community of interests and sensual affection for each other. He seems to say: "we are close."And the more often people kiss - the closer they become. Rejoice your loved ones with kisses, because this is the best way to express your sincere and tender feelings.