How to cook a delicious poppy seed?

June 17, 2018 21:00 | Cooking

What else to do in the winter cold evening? Well, of course, delicious homemade cakes! It's nice to send a piece of crumbly and fragrant bun or pie in your mouth, prepared with your own hands, and even with scented tea. Today we will try to prepare a very tasty and interesting dessert - poppy seed - a delicacy that children love very much, as well as many adults.

Originally a confectionery roll is considered to be a German or Austrian variety of cake, however, it is with its poppy variety that one interesting story is connected. It is believed that it was invented in France during the Christmas holidays: it was an excellent substitute for a traditional log that was watered with wine, and then brought into the house and set on fire.

It was believed that the ashes from this log are a kind of guard against all misfortunes and evil spirits. Naturally, over time, this tradition has almost completely come to naught, poppy seedloose has become a delicious substitute for a regular log.

Classic recipe

How to make a delicious poppy roll? There are many varieties and recipes for this delicacy, often poppy is mixed with something else, for example, raisins, cherries or other berries.

The dough can also be used in a variety of ways: someone prefers a yeast, and someone puffs, here already, so to speak, the matter of personal preferences. But only one rule remains unchanged: the filling in such a treat should be many, sometimes even more than the test itself - only so it will turn out really delicious.

What do we need?

First we will understand the test: 150 ml of milk, egg, dry yeast, sugar, salt, 50 g of butter( can be replaced with margarine), a bag of vanilla sugar, vegetable oil and about 3 glasses of flour( maybe a little more).To smear the dough, we still need half of the egg and a spoonful of butter.

Next filling: the main ingredient is about one and a half glasses of poppy, sugar, one egg and a few raisins to taste.

For the powder: a little flour( 3-4 tablespoons), 0.5 tablespoon butter, sugar and half of the egg.

How to cook?

Milk needs to be slightly warmed up, so that it becomes a little warm. We pour it into a large bowl, there also add a teaspoon( you can even with a slide) of dry yeast, half a tablespoon of sugar and about three tablespoons of flour.

Next, we mix it well, as a result, you should get a fairly liquid mixture, reminiscent of dough for pancakes. We close the bowl with food film and put it in another large container with warm water for half an hour. During this time, as the water cools, it needs to be changed to a warmer one, so that the dough rises well.

In another container we begin to mix baking: for this, melted butter( about 50 grams) is slightly warmed up, we add an egg, a bag of vanilla sugar, three tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and a couple of spoons of vegetable oil.

Well mixed, it is important that the sugar is completely dissolved. For the filling raisins we sort out( we release from the tails), fill it with boiling water and let it stand. In a separate container bring to a boil a couple of glasses of water and pour the poppy into it, mix it, put it on the fire and wait for it to boil. Now it can be removed and filtered through a sieve or gauze.

In order for the filling to turn out to be very delicate, it can be passed through a meat grinder or ground in a coffee grinder. If none of the options are suitable, there is one more - to rub with a wooden pestle. In poppy seeds, add four tablespoons of sugar, egg and bring into a state of homogeneous gruel. If the mixture is too liquid, then it can be filtered once more.

At this time the opara has already approached: mix it with prepared egg buns. In it we sift 2.5 cups of flour, we mix everything thoroughly. As a result, you should get a sticky and viscous dough, which we spread on the table, sprinkled with flour. We continue to knead it with our hands until it ceases to stick.

Take a bowl, grease it with vegetable oil and put a ball of dough into it. We close it with food film and send it for an hour to a warm place. At this time, we are engaged in sweet crumbs for powder: all the ingredients are put in a common vessel, mixed, and then thoroughly grinded with hands until the crumb is formed. We send it to the refrigerator and return to the test again.

It had to go up twice: we knead it, cover it and again into heat. At the end of the hour, it should again increase several times: we rub the table with flour, spread the dough and roll it into a rectangle.

Begin to form a roll: lubricate the layer on top with butter, lay out a decent layer of poppy, raisins, the edges of the dough should remain free( about 3 cm).We turn the edges inward and begin to spin the roll. We prepare the pan: cover it with parchment, lightly butter it with butter and carefully transfer the roll to it, give it another 15 minutes to stand.

With an egg, grease it from above, take out the crumb and sprinkle it with rolls. Bake for about 40 minutes at 180 °.If the middle is badly baked, then it can be pierced several times with a toothpick, and then cover it with foil and bring it to the desired state. Done!