How to understand that you like a guy

June 18, 2018 00:45 | He And She He And She
In the relationship of the sexes there are many complex and ambiguous situations that it is very difficult for an inexperienced girl to clarify without a clue or advice, and after all, to pour out your soul to other people, let them be pretty close - you really do not want to.

It is not for nothing that in the folklore of folk music the image of a daisy has been popular for so long, cutting off the petals of which the girl was trying to find out whether her boyfriend loves or not?

Let's try to figure out how to understand that you like a guy, and whether he feels tender feelings for you.

Signs of interest in the girl from the guy

What can be unambiguously interpreted as a sign of indifference to the girl from the young man? First of all, a man always aspires to consider the object of his sympathy, at any age and in any, even inappropriate, environment. If you catch his gaze on yourself - most likely, he does not look at you by accident. This is especially noticeable by the way he tries to look sharply the other way, realizing that he was spotted.

More resourceful guys can smile or wink at the same time. However, in any case, he does not look to cheer you up or demonstrate the good condition of his teeth. It should be noted only that a close look can also be just a manifestation of sexual interest. But for the time being we will not delimit it with serious interest by your person.

Interested in you guy will always not only strive to look at you, but also to approach at every opportunity. The conversation as if nothing about anything is also a direct indication that there is something unclean. He can begin to show off( even accidentally), talk about their successes or achievements. You can say that he "dissolves feathers."Even if you are not directly communicating with him right now, a young person can change in conversation with friends if you are in the "hear" zone. In addition to all this, you can start meeting him more often than you should on the way home or to the store, no matter whether you are alone or with friends, a secret admirer appears as if by chance on your way and, very possibly, your further roads coincide. Of course, also by accident.

When communicating with a girl who is not indifferent to him, young people often get involved in such conversations, which with friends are not always decent. It affects, so to speak, the reverse side of shyness, when, for the sake of suppressing excitement, a person in love starts to carry nonsense or give superfluous or inappropriate advice. In addition, in a situation where you are obviously wrong and convinced of it yourself, he will stand by your side, defending your interests and admiring your actions, character, etc.

Perhaps you will be able to notice changes in his appearance. Even the most sloppy guy can change dramatically in order to impress his passion. You note the appearance in his wardrobe of new things, and on his head instead of the usual mess there was a neat stylish hairstyle? Surely this is no accident!

How to make sure that you care about it and assess the depth of feelings

If your fan is very shy and the degree of his attachment to you is difficult to establish, or whether you want to find out if you want only as a sexual partner, you can make some simple experiments. Ask him to hold something of his things, while adjusting the detail of the wardrobe or shoes, and she sneak a peek. The attitude of the beloved girl's attitude is also tremulous. If he cares for you - he is extremely excited from contact, for example, with your purse. Similarly, you can casually treat him with an apple or simply move your mobile phone to it.

Ask the guy to make you company on a hike to the store, to the cinema or to a run to the park. It's not so much the answer is important, how much his reaction, so do not suggest over the phone or through someone. Excitement and confusion are the true signs of falling in love.

And finally, if you hint that he likes you, then a lot can open up on his own. The whole difficulty is that a guy just might want to be intimate with you, in that case, it is worthwhile to think in advance of a relationship option that will quickly dispel your doubts about this. The easiest way: to say that you are not ready to meet with him, but you can still consider as a romantic chevalier or a true friend. An earnestly tuned guy will not act as a friend for a long time, waiting for the cherished access to your body. But if you still checked the sincerity of his feelings, then certainly hurry to reward him for expecting affection and love.