How to surprise your lover

June 18, 2018 03:15 | He And She He And She
Any guy is pleased with pleasant surprises. To do something pleasant and unusual, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time, money, effort on it. You just need a wish!

This article describes ideas and tips that you can take as a basis, develop or make your own corrections. Try to choose those ideas that are right for your boyfriend. Use an individual approach - you will not lose!

So, how to surprise your favorite guy?

Do something unusual, but enjoyable for him. Often the guys talk about their desires or dreams. Often they talk about what the previous girl did not do. Here you must keep your eyes open! Listen carefully to him and do what he wants. He will be pleasantly surprised at your responsiveness and sensitivity to him.

The first thing you can advise is a material gift. Not only women like gifts, gifts, souvenirs and stuff. Try to choose as a gift that thing that can be useful to a man or be interesting for him. Go to the store with souvenirs! There are often sold things in a single copy, which means that such a gift will be only for your loved one. Remember, for example, a clown who jumps out of the box. Everyone has seen this in films, but few really have one."Handmade" - objects made by own hands is welcomed.

Modern technology allows you to print images on any subject. Give a guy a T-shirt with a funny picture or an inscription, with a photo. You can print your general photo on puzzles. Or come up with a design for a mug. It is much more appreciated is such a gift than bought in advance ready, template.

A nice surprise for a guy might be an invitation to go to a football match together. Take the tickets to the stadium, invite his friends. You can use this idea: invite him to walk, but do not say where. As a place for a walk, the hippodrome is perfect. A wonderful time is guaranteed.

Divide with a guy his hobby, even if it is not interesting to you. Read useful information that affects the field of his interests, and share it. This is bound to make an impression.

A young man will be surprised if the girl will wait for him after studying or working. Of course, in case you did not agree on this in advance. In general, if you try to stay a little spontaneous, then the guy should like it. Any changes are usually welcome: change the hairstyle, make-up or image. The main thing is not to overdo it. If for the surprise of a guy cut off beautiful long hair - you can only upset him.

Suggest to spend the evening unusually. Romantic dinner by candlelight sounds slightly corny. But if you approach his organization with imagination, you can only win. For example, invite for dinner, but come up with some rules. Costume action always gives an opportunity to get to know each other more closely.

Alternatively, arrange a tea party. Read about Japanese tea drinking, it's a whole series of rituals. Tea is best purchased at a specialized store. The rest is improvisation. It is not necessary to buy cups, tea-pots, saucers, etc. Use everything that is at hand. If you read carefully about the ceremony of tea drinking, you will notice that it is held in a small house with a narrow door. Make such a house. .. under the table! Very unusual! A good mood on your part and delicious tea will give the sea a pleasant emotion to the guy.

Do not be lazy and install a quiz. Pick up not difficult questions and prepare prizes. For a change, it's worth thinking about quests or finding a treasure. Draw a map, lay out clues in secret places. .. it will be interesting and unusual. A time spent together while searching for a treasure will bring you closer.

There is a sea of ​​ideas that are now considered ordinary or commonplace due to the fact that they are very common. Do not ignore them, because in your relationship it may not be enough for such ideas! For example:

- the intimate haircut has an amazing effect;
- striptease, role play, give the guy kamasutra and study together;
- an invitation to a restaurant or cafe;
- letters, calls and SMS, postcard;
- a new dish;
- order in the room.

Surprise your loved ones and they will also start to try for you!