How to increase bust at home?

June 19, 2018 04:15 | Fitness

\ A beautiful woman's breast certainly becomes the object of close attention of all men, wherever her "mistress" was. Many men, when meeting a girl, primarily pay attention to the chest.

Since in the female nature, the desire for male attention and the desire to please are initially laid, many girls often complex about the size and shape of their bust, and sometimes, without foundation.

Breasts may be small for several reasons, including endocrine and reproductive problems, debilitating diets or simply the physiological characteristics of a particular female body. In any case, many owners of small breasts dream of increasing it, while not every decision is made on radical methods in the form of surgical intervention. And this is right, because you can increase breast size by yourself, using proven methods of traditional medicine in combination with a set of physical exercises. So, let's try to figure out how to increase the bust at home.

All sorts of manuals on traditional medicine are often offered to increase the bust using the infusion of cones of hops. To do this, it is necessary to brew these bumps at the rate of one tablespoon of hop for one glass of boiling water, insist the drink within 7 hours, then take half an hour before meals for half a glass of infusion. The effectiveness of this method is confirmed even by mammology, since the analogues of female sex hormones contain phytoestrogens, the reception of which causes hormonal changes in the female body and leads to the "filling" of the breast. However, if you want to increase the bust by this method, be sure to consult a doctor to avoid adverse effects on the body as a result of hormonal changes in the background.

On the basis of phytoestrogens, various cosmetic products are also manufactured to increase the bust, which activate the flow of blood to the chest, thus accelerating the metabolic process. When using such drugs, the breast really swells, but after stopping their intake, it can return to the original forms and sizes.

Breast massage is not only an effective way to increase it, but also a good prevention of cancer. The technician of carrying out of such massage is a lot, and it can be carried out independently. Traditional medicine recommends, when massaging, rubbing into the skin a beer foam that is capable of giving velvety and firmness, and making the breast more lavish after a month of such procedures. Especially productive do such rubbing for the night.

Most experts in the field of female beauty and health consider the most effective way to increase the bust at home by doing special exercise programs in combination with proper nutrition. Perform exercises to increase busts and can be at home, but if possible, it is always good to first turn to a professional trainer, which will help determine the individual complex of necessary exercises and make the right menu, based on the characteristics of your body.

At the beginning of the complex of exercises, you should increase and intake of food, especially protein. It is best to give lessons 15-20 minutes a day 3-4 times a week, because the muscles grow in the case of alternating exercise and rest.

Consider the basic exercises of , designed to raise the bust, increase its volume, give the chest tone and spectacular appearance.

  1. Press of dumbbells while lying. Lay down on the floor, on your back, press the dumbbells to your chest. Slowly lift them and return to their original position. It is best to perform 3 approaches 8 times. You can start with dumbbells of small weight, then the weight should be gradually increased. Push-ups from the floor. To keep the breast in good shape, and, moreover, to strive for its increase, it is necessary to perform push-ups from the floor at least 10 times. However, if you do not immediately get such a number, squeeze out as much as you can, gradually increasing the load. Exercise can be simplified by performing push-ups, kneeling, or leaning on a hill, for example, on a chair.

  2. Vis on the crossbar. Just hang on the Swedish wall or crossbar as much as you can. This exercise is well performed in completing the complex, as it promotes stretching of the pectoral muscles and fixing the result obtained. As an option, you can just stand for a while, holding in the lowered hands quite heavy dumbbells.

  3. Exercise with dumbbells in sitting position. Sit on a chair, straighten your back. Bend your arms with dumbbells at the elbows, press the elbows to the sides, and the dumbbells to the chest. Slowly raise hands with dumbbells in the parties, without tearing off elbows, then return to the starting position. Do 2-3 approaches 8-10 times. With time, the load can be increased.

  4. Push-ups from the wall. This exercise is easier than the previous one, if it's hard for you to push yourself off the floor, start doing it from the wall.

    In the standing position, rest your hands on the wall and do push-ups. It is best to do 3-5 approaches of this exercise, at least 2 minutes each.

Thus, simple physical exercises can eventually lead to the effect of increasing the bust. Of course, it takes a lot of effort, but the result is definitely worth it!