How to open your cafe from scratch and not lose it?

June 19, 2018 09:15 | Careers

If you all your life dream of opening your own cafe, then it's time to fulfill your dreams. Everything is real! It is important only to learn the main important points and some features of such a business.

Registration and documents

In order for a business to be legal and generate revenue, it must be registered. Option two: LLC and IP.But remember that the IP can not sell strong alcoholic beverages, but this institution is easier to register. LLC is a great opportunity, so this option is preferable.

You will also need to determine the codes for OKVED.Here everything is simple: choose what is suitable.

Here is the list of documents that you will need to receive:

  • Permission to place an object that is issued by Rospotrebnadzor. And in order to get such permission, you need to provide a contract for the lease of premises or a contract of sale, a certificate of state registration, a conclusion on finished products and raw materials, as well as certificates of the results of medical examination of cafe staff.
  • A patent for trading activities( it should be given to you in local government bodies).
  • License for the sale of tobacco products and alcohol products( if you plan to include all this in the menu).
  • License for retail trade.
  • Conclusions of the Sanitary Epidemiological Station and the Fire Inspection on the compliance of the premises with standards.

You may also need other documents. To avoid mistakes and missteps, you can seek advice from an experienced lawyer.

Drawing up a business plan for

A business plan is practically a full-fledged document that will allow you to assess the profitability of a future project, calculate expenses and incomes, and raise money.

Here is what parts the business plan should consist of:

  1. Review section. It includes a description of the goals and objectives of your project. Goals - this is what you want to achieve by opening your business, and the tasks - this is where you will achieve your goals. Describe all the capacious, brief, clear and understandable.
  2. The second section is a description of your future enterprise. Tell us who it is oriented to, how it will look. Imagine that you have already opened an institution, describe everything confidently and clearly.
  3. The third section is a description of services and products. Here you can imagine the future menu of your cafe. Indicate what dishes will be served, from which they will be prepared. You can also specify how the clients will be serviced.
  4. Market Analysis. This should be an analysis of the existing services market, as well as the evaluation of competitors and the niche that you plan to occupy. Be sure to indicate why your business will be profitable and profitable than the café will differ from other institutions of this type.
  5. Production plan. Here the whole production process should be described: the purchase of goods, the delivery of products to the site, the preparation of meals, their supply, the utilization of poor-quality products, and so on. Specify the mode of work, the duties of staff and the interaction of employees, in general, everything that relates to the production process. Describe everything clearly and in detail.
  6. Financial plan. All calculations will be presented here. You will need to calculate absolutely all expenses, taking into account rent payment, tax deductions, costs for purchasing products and equipment, and so on. Also it will be necessary to calculate the incomes, taking into account the average attendance.

We define with the concept of

The concept is a certain feature of an institution, a fundamental idea, its business card and what will distinguish the institution from others. To develop a concept, study the market, demand, potential customers and so on.

We offer several possible options:

  • Summer cafe. Everything is simple: tables on the street, cozy armchairs, fresh air, light music. But consider the seasonality of the project.
  • Home cooking. For example, you can open an institution directly at home, so that all customers can immerse themselves in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy delicious home-cooked dishes.
  • Exotic cuisine. This is very interesting, but not always profitable.
  • Café for students.
  • Retro cafe. In the menu include long-forgotten dishes, equip the interior in a retro style, use only old music. Many people of middle age will want to immerse into such an atmosphere.
  • You can think of something else and something special. Remember that the concept depends on the attendance and interest in the institution.

Choosing a room

It is extremely important to choose the right premises for a cafe, since attendance and profitability of the business directly depend on it. First of all, choose between rent and purchase. It is best to start by choosing a lease and assessing profitability, and then decide something for the future.

Here's what you definitely need to pay attention to when choosing a room:

  1. Location. It all depends on the concept and potential customers, as well as the contingent for which the project is designed. So, if you plan to open a cafe for students, it will be advisable to place it next to a higher educational institution. A quiet and cozy café can be found in the green area of ​​the sleeping area. A bar for young people should be located in the center.
  2. Transport. If there is a public transport stop nearby, this is wonderful, since not everyone will want to walk to a place, especially in bad weather.
  3. Area. It all depends on the scale of the institution, but for a small cafe it will take at least 70-100 square meters( it is important to take into account not only the area of ​​the hall, but also the auxiliary rooms).
  4. Compliance with regulations. Indoors, there must certainly be heating, running water, sewerage, electricity.
  5. Configuration, that is, the location of the premises. So, the toilet should not be located in the ancillary zone, and the kitchen should not contact the cafe hall, but too far it should not be located. Consider all this.
  6. Find out if the room is demolished( this is quite possible), and in case of re-planning, find out their legality( they should all be resolved).


How to open your cafe from scratch? To open, of course, you need capital. And where can I get money to open a cafe? There are several possible options:

  • Credit. Yes, it is not very profitable, but some simply do not have another option. Be sure to evaluate all the proposals of banks, find a more profitable and be sure to study the contract with a lawyer in order to immediately reveal all the pitfalls.
  • You can find investors. It's not so easy, but it's still possible. Just for the search you need a business plan that will allow you to assess the profitability of the business.
  • Borrow from relatives. Is there a rich uncle? Ask for money from him( of course, in debt).Probably, he will appreciate your idea and help.

Suppliers and deliveries

You need products to be procured somewhere, and for this you need to find suppliers. What do you need to pay attention to here?

  • Quality of the goods. Nobody will want to eat dishes made from foul foods.
  • Prices. If they are too high, then you just go broke.
  • Distance. The products need not only be purchased, but delivered, and if the supplier is located in another city, the delivery will be very unprofitable.


Undoubtedly develop a menu. It must conform to the concept and be diverse. It is better to include in it dishes of different cuisines, this will increase attendance.

Employees of

Staff is something without which the work of the cafe will not be possible. Here are some posts required:

  • Administrator of the trading floor. It will take two for shift work.
  • Chef( 2 people).
  • Cooks. It all depends on the scale of the institution, for a small cafe 2-3 will suffice, for an average of at least 4.
  • Waiters. One should account for about 3-4 tables.
  • Dishwashers( 2-3).
  • Cleaners( 2).

Equipment and tools

Here is what you may need:

  • Refrigeration equipment: showcases, refrigerated cabinets, cameras, tables.
  • Thermal: plates, shashlik, fryers, crepes and so on.
  • Showcases.
  • Distribution lines.
  • Dishes: plates, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, pots, pans, kremanki and so on.
  • Electromechanical equipment: combines, mixers, blenders, vegetable cutters and so on.
  • Equipment for the production process: waste bins, shelves, trolleys, cabinets and so on.
  • Scales.
  • Bar equipment: mixers, ice makers, coolers, coffee grinders, juicers.


Arrange everything at the highest level and taking into account the concept. Remember that the room should not be cramped. You will need tables and chairs, as well as decor elements.

Let your cafe delight visitors and bring you revenue!