What is corporate ethics at work?

June 19, 2018 13:00 | Careers

Recently, in many Russian companies, it is increasingly common to use the notion of corporate ethics, a code of corporate ethics, a dress code. .. Words may be familiar, some of us even have a vague idea of ​​their meaning, but I would likewould be better acquainted with these concepts and understand whether they are really so important in the world of business relations.

What is corporate ethics? Most often, it is presented as a set of certain ethical norms and rules of behavior, which must be strictly followed by company employees.

They are developed for activity and life in a certain organization, company, professional association and other business communities, and they can differ widely among themselves. It is the presence or absence of corporate ethics in a certain organization that significantly affects the atmosphere and the general mood that reigns among its employees.

Due to compliance with the code of conduct in a certain field of activity, an employee may feel himself members of this community, and, as sometimes say employees themselves, a member of a family that is a corporation, a company or any other professional association.

Why is this necessary?

The main characteristic of the concept of "corporate ethics" is the "unification" of all employees into a single whole, which functions for the common good. Its use makes it possible to significantly increase labor productivity, improve the quality of work of employees, and significantly increase their returns and aspirations for the benefit of the company.

No one will argue with the fact that man is a social being, however he is, throughout his life he feels the need to be part of a collective or some kind of association. The first association in which he takes part is a family. From the very childhood for him, some norms and rules of behavior are established, as well as ways of punishing and solving certain problems.

After a person grows out of a family framework, he seeks to join a community or association in which certain rules also function. If they are clear to him and compatible with his moral principles and life principles, he, with pleasure, becomes a party to this union.

The absence of formulated norms and rules negatively affects work and internal relations in a team that does not seek to be loyal to its enterprise, and, as a result, leads to a decrease in its success.

On a simple example that many of us have encountered in everyday life, one can understand why corporate ethics are needed at work, and how it affects the attraction and creation of a strong customer base. For example, you go to the office of a company, where clearly the notion of corporate ethics, and generally the norms of behavior, are forgotten and abandoned.

At the entrance you are greeted by an administrator who can not be distinguished from the rest of the crowd: jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers, a mobile phone and a chewing gum in his mouth. Even if he is the most highly qualified specialist, you hardly want to address him, the feeling from the first minutes is not the most pleasant.

Another thing is when the company adhere to a single dress code( clothing form) and meet the customer with a smile on his face. But it is from such trifles that the first impression of the organization is formed!

Features of the positive corporate ethics

The success of any company, in many respects, depends on the ability of the authorities to create conditions for positive corporate ethics that will influence the productivity of the working environment, as well as attract prospective and talented employees.

. Still, since every person wants to work in such a company, where the education is constantly being taught something new, there is a program of caring for its employees, which is expressed in monetary incentives and other rewards for certain successes and achievements in the workplace.

For corporate ethics, almost everything matters - from traditional symbols, dress code, certain foundations of society, to the system of fines and punishments for non-observance of established rules within the collective.

One of the main features of corporate ethics is the opportunity for each employee to feel himself a member of the team, while the rules and regulations should be adhered to at all levels, from ordinary employees to senior managers.

Creation and observance of positive ethics in the team is a difficult work that, as a result, brings the fruits of gold: the employees begin to value each other and with all responsibility work for the benefit of the company that acquires an impeccable image and obtains the title of "successful and developing" organization.