New Year's spouse's love spell

April 17, 2018 18:45 | Privorot
I have not loved the New Year since my childhood. I felt that with his offensive all the most terrible and dark forces come to life. .. But later, when I began to understand the Essence, I became convinced that the New Year's Eve could be used in its own interests.

Girls, if you have problems with your husband, feel that he is cheating on you - do not waste time, perform a love ritual on New Year's Eve - and there will be no problems with your husband anymore - he will not go to his mistress anymore - he just will not get up on her!!I will not strongly agitate you and tell you all the advantages of this ritual, I will simply say that I have bewitched my husband in this way. He is mine completely - does not look at others at all, but with me - just a stallion of some kind!

Okay, closer to the point!

Privorot is performed immediately after the battle of the chimes. As soon as the clock struck 12 hours and you drank champagne, go out to the kitchen( to the balcony, to the other room) and in the open window say the following words:

" Demons heavenly, demons earthy, devils fiery and demons watery.(my name) to me( my name) To love me alone, he wanted me alone, had me alone, I'll give you myself, demons, after a happy life on earth, I'll give everything up. I swear, I swear, I swear by . "

Then inhale fresh air( and do not exhale!), Go back to your husband and kiss him. Try to breathe quite a bit of air into his mouth with a kiss.

Privorot stunning - I advised him many friends - I know exactly what the two did - for so many years they have men do not walk. And at one husband in general to leave from it or her was going to, and at the second - the muzhik was the notorious womanizer, and after this ritual all as has chopped off.

And do not think about the consequences, girls, enjoy life now, what then will be - nobody knows!

But if you are afraid of what - then observe Lent three consecutive years - this is enough to clear yourself! Although I did not!

It's better to make this ritual yourself than to feed endless sorcerers of charlatans of all kinds. They still will not help, it's been tested thousands of times. When I was young, I also often ran to different fortune tellers and witches - girls, they are all false creatures, and only our wallets care about them. When you do everything yourself - no problems and everything works fine. And the extra middlemen who do not know how to do anything - none of us need!

Author: Onora Spassky