Top 10 luxury and famous films in the last 10 years

June 22, 2018 07:15 | What To See
  1. "Untouchables"( "1 + 1"), 2011 year .A smart creation from French directors, which did not leave any spectator indifferent. The story of the unexpected clash of two opposite worlds - the refined aristocracy and rudeness of the slums, which, unexpectedly for themselves, have a friendly relationship with each other. An easy-to-watch film that makes you think about vital things helps you to look at the world differently and be imbued with a love of life.
  2. "Beginning", 2010 A worthy film from the inimitable Christopher Nolan, who boasts a worthy cast with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. An unexpected story, a masterful play of actors, serious work of directors and crew, impressive special effects and unexpected denouement managed to bring another child to four Oscar statuettes. For all those who like sophisticated and twisted thrillers with impurities of drama and fiction, this film is mandatory for viewing.
  3. Interstellar, 2014 A space odyssey that easily carries the viewer into the near future: a world where everything is not the same as before. The resources of the Earth are depleted and the life of mankind is in great danger, and the employees of secret space laboratories are on the verge of the greatest discoveries and full exploration of the cosmos. There is one small detail - there is little chance of saving, or rather, it is only one, which will not have to miss the main characters. By the way, Christopher Nolan once again pampered our next masterpiece with his brother, and the film received an Oscar for best visual effects.
  4. "Prestige", 2006 And again Christopher Nolan in the role of director, and again a masterpiece that is really worth seeing! A fascinating story about two great magician-illusionists who created and surprised the viewer exactly a century ago. Over time, the competition of two friends develops into a real war, which begins to affect the lives of others. How will this confrontation end?
  5. "The Departed", 2006 The next on our list is an impressive dramatic thriller created under the sensitive direction of Martin Scorsese. Starring, loved by many, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, which already promises half the success. The film has easily won four Oscar-winning statuettes, and also continues to occupy a leading position in many world film ratings.
  6. "The Island of the Damned", 2009 And again the legendary duet of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, and again a significant event in the world of the film industry! According to the plot, two bailiffs are sent to a remote island to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a patient from a special hospital for insane criminals. From the very beginning it becomes clear that something is going wrong here, but what, and is it as simple as it seems? With this and have to understand the main characters.
  7. "The Dark Knight", 2008 A new story about Batman performed by Christian Bale, who, as before, cleans the streets of the city from crime and chaos. The game involves a crazy Joker, skillfully portrayed by Heath Ledger, who plays exclusively at his own, at first glance, incomprehensible rules. As always, the picture from Christopher Nolan got a dozen prestigious awards, and also received two Oscar statuettes.
  8. "Django Liberated", 2012. Is it possible to doubt the reputation of the famous and brilliant Quentin Tarantino? His next funny and bloody western, which tells the story of the fugitive slave Django, quickly acquired five nominations for the Oscar, and also managed to win a couple of Golden Globes.
  9. "Obsession", 2013 A fascinating film from a young and promising director Damien Shazell, instantly acquired a crowd of admirers. A bit and a lot - 3 Oscar statuettes, 3 prizes from the British Academy, and Golden Globe - an impressive list of awards, which confirms the opinion of the majority. In the center of the story is a young drummer named Andrew, who dreams of becoming famous and building a successful career. However, a strict mentor and endless music lessons literally grow into a painful obsession, than it will end for a young talent?
  10. "Servant", 2011 The film in a beautiful narrative manner reveals to the viewer America of the 60s of last century."White" aristocrats and "black" servants, who have long ceased to entertain stupid hopes for a better future. And now there are three women - a young Skeeter, a wise Eybilin and a merry Minnie, who are united by one - an acute, even burning desire, to change the established order of things. Will they be able to achieve something in this complex struggle?

A good film is a great idea that will decorate any, even the most vague evening, but that's just how to find just that? Many film fans and home film critics unanimously affirm that the Golden Age of Hollywood has long since sunk, today they can not and can not shoot like that.

We decided to disagree with this idea and tried to compile a compilation of the most interesting, exciting and dizzying films that were shot in the last decade. In the company with this film, you definitely do not get bored and, even more so, you will not regret the time spent, because there really is something to see!

The best actors and directors, bright roles, memorable scenes, vivid and exciting stories, which have long been appreciated by world critics and have won the love of a million audience - all this you can find in our top 10 most famous and luxurious films in the last 10 years.

Most of them can boast the best awards and prestigious nominations of various awards, these are films for different tastes, however, each of them deserves your attention. Who knows, it is quite possible that, in time, these films will turn into representatives of world classics. So, let's not waste time, we immediately begin to view.