Top ten most anticipated comedies of 2016

June 23, 2018 10:45 | What To See
  1. "Hello, Daddy, New Year" .The premiere of this comedy has already taken place, and it fully met expectations. According to the plot, the protagonist Dusty Mason, who many years ago divorced his wife Linda and left two beautiful children, suddenly realizes that he really lacks a family. But the ex-spouse did not waste time. She met Brad's new love and successfully married him. And this man, perhaps, is ideal. He does not like the soul in Linda and loves her children very much. But the children of Megan and Dylan are not at all ready to accept their stepfather and dream of having their mother reunited with their biological father. And then, as luck would have it, Papa Dusty comes. Children are delighted, Linda does not know what to think, and Brad begins to understand that the ex-husband of his beloved woman is a worthy and strong rival. He has a chic body, charisma and all the qualities of a real man. Dusty spoils children in every way and tries to win back Linda's attention, thereby creating ambiguous and sometimes funny situations. But to whom will the heroine finally give up his heart, and who will remain with nothing?
  2. "Grandfather of Easy Behavior" - one of the funniest and most interesting films, and in many respects due to the main role played in him by the inimitable Robert De Niro. Jason Kelly is about to marry his girlfriend. And although the grandmother of the hero suddenly dies, his bride Meredith does not intend to endure the marriage. But then comes the grandfather of Jason Dick, who believes that his grandson gets married early, and his chosen one is a real swindler. But the guy is confident in her and in himself, and then the grandfather decides on the trick. He tells his grandson that every year he went with his deceased wife to Florida, and asks him to go with him. But how could Jason think that the trip would turn into an incredible adventure, and Dick from a grieving widower would turn into the most unbearable grandfather of easygoing behavior? And he will show the younger generation how to burn life and live youth.
  3. "Joint Trip 2: Mission to Miami". James Payton is an experienced and very cool policeman, who is assigned the most dangerous cases. He can cope with almost any task, but he is constantly hindered by Ben Barber. He's James's sister's boyfriend and recently got a job at the police. He has little experience, but he has the talent to get into curious situations. Soon, Ben's wedding will be held, but he must go with James to the next assignment. Barber and Payton come to Miami and undertake an investigation in which the local detective, a pretty girl, also takes part. Now all three are waiting for gunfights and dangers. And Ben, as usual, will draw trouble and get in the way.
  4. "Neighbors. On the path of war 2 » is a continuation of the comedy, which was released in 2014 and became a real hit. The main characters Mack and Kelly, who not so long ago became parents and turned out to be neighbors of otvyaznyh students, face a new problem. A female university club is located nearby. The couple believed that the girls will not bring trouble, but in fact, the neighborhood with them has become just awful and unbearable! And then tired, exhausted and desperate Kelly and Mack decide to seek help from their former neighbor and enemy Teddy Sanders. Once he put himself out of a spouse, but now he will do everything to evict unbearable female students. And this process promises to be very funny!
  5. "Ghostbusters 3" .This comedy is also on the list, because they have been waiting for her for a very long time. Hunters, who in the first two parts were engaged in tracking paranormal phenomena and trapping strange entities, took up their work again. But there are so many ghosts that it's not easy to cope with such a flow, because the years go away, but strength and dexterity are not added. And then the old heroes decide to create a new team. Beginners are young, energetic, talented and ambitious, but they have little experience. They have a lot to learn in order to continue the work of their mentors and save the city from the villains who swooped in from the parallel worlds. And some tasks will be very difficult and fun!
  6. «Accounting teacher 2» .The main character of the film Zeki Muller, who was recently a robber, now works in the school. He was able to gain popularity and gain credibility among students due to not very ordinary methods of teaching. And he has almost become accustomed to the role of a teacher and has become accustomed to a quiet measured life and a heap of notebooks, when he suddenly gets a special task. Together with the correctional class, he must go on a trip to Thailand to establish relations with the local school. And by chance, the pair of Zeki is made up of his longtime friend and colleague Lisi. In this trip there will be a lot of temptations, and it is still not known who will be able to resist them.
  7. "Mike and Dave are looking for a couple." Mike and Dave are brothers. They are quite grown-up, but they did not manage to meet real love and start serious relationships. But the guys are invited to the wedding, and to come to such an event without the companions is not accepted. And then the brothers begin to act decisively. They make a video that appeals to all the girls with an unambiguous offer. Suddenly this video became so popular that it turned into a real Internet virus. This effect Dave and Mike, of course, did not expect. But what will eventually come of it? Will the guys meet love or will they bathe in the attention of unfamiliar beauties?
  8. "Exemplary male 2" .This film is on the list of the best and the most expected, if only because its first part was released in 2001.Something strange and terrible is happening in the world. Here and there, celebrities are dying. And then the special agent of fashionable police Montana Grosso decides to start his own investigation to find and punish the villains. She realizes that she can not cope on her own and therefore seeks help from a man who was once popular and worked as a model - Derek Zulander. He and his longtime companion Hansel promise Montana their help and at the same time hope to return to the fashion world. And it's not so difficult, sometimes you can find crazy popularity only with the help of a single selfie.
  9. "Alvin and the Chipmunks 4: the grandiose chipmunk" .Three chipmunks, known all over the previous parts of this comedy, happily live in the house of Dave, because he is like a dad to them. They still commit insane acts and shudder, without thinking about anything. But soon the trio realizes that the light-hearted days can end, because Dave is going to go to Miami and make an offer to his beloved Samantha. Chipmunks decide at all costs to prevent him from giving the girl a treasured ring that can destroy their lives. But Theodore, Simon and Alvin disgustingly behave in an airplane, fall into the black list and are now forced to make their own way. They are waiting for incredible adventures and a lot of unexpected situations and funny moments.
  10. "Sisters" - a comedy for adults, which is prohibited for viewing by persons under 18 years of age. Kate and Mora Ellis are family sisters. They are completely different from each other, but each of them has an incredibly complex character. In one their opinions converge: they are very fond of having fun and breaking away. But there was no real fun for a long time, and Mora has not had a boyfriend for two years. Once the sisters come to their parents' home and find out that it is on sale. And they have only a few days to disassemble their belongings and vacate the room. But Mora and Kate decide to say goodbye to a place with so many memories and happy moments. While father and mother are away, they arrange a party and invite friends and acquaintances. The fun is gaining momentum, and the house is filled with party people. In an instant everything goes out of control, and Mora and Kate realize that they are waiting for real madness! What will all this end?

If you love comedies, then for sure you will be happy to know that in 2016 you will find a lot of films of this genre. But some of them are waiting with impatience.

Top ten most anticipated comedies of 2016: