How to straighten hair with iron: detailed instructions

April 18, 2018 03:30 | Straightening
  • How to straighten your hair: how to straighten your hair
  • How to straighten your hair with an iron:
  • How to straighten your hair with an iron: step by step instruction
  • How to straighten your hair with an iron without damaging it
  • How to straighten your hair with an iron:

video Mankind is not one century oldpuzzles over the question "what does a woman want?".After a little observation from these beautiful creatures, it becomes clear that even nature can not please them. You rarely meet a girl who does not want to curl straight hair curls.

If the strands curl by themselves, then straightening with ironing comes to the rescue. To the delight of all women of fashion, modern manufacturers of hairdressing tools and cosmetics make every effort to ensure that permanent changes in the laying do not harm the hair. To do this, you just need to know how to deal with the proposed variety.

How to straighten your hair: where to start

You have to start the path to straight hair in the store. A small list of things that you might need.

Balm or mask

If your hair is curled strongly enough, be sure to use a special balm. It is applied to damp hair and immediately washed off with water.

The mask will have to be held a little longer( the time will depend on the manufacturer of the remedy), but the hair will also be deeply impregnated with useful substances.

This procedure is necessary so that the effect of laying is preserved for a long time. This is especially true during high humidity( after or during rain).

Sprays and mousses

Will help to straighten hair and special sprays. They are applied immediately before the start of straightening. Some of them contain additional thermal protection, others simply smooth the hair.

The main advantage of mousses is protection against wetting. It's not a secret for anyone that wet hair immediately gets the same shape, so keeping it in a dry condition is important enough.


It is quite difficult to completely straighten your hair, using only a comb with a hair dryer. Nevertheless, using brashing during drying, you will greatly facilitate yourself further work with ironing.

Bridle the comb and pull it from top to bottom. In the same direction, apply a jet of warm air from the dryer.

Choose brashingi with natural bristles, they are most effective at straightening.

Hairpins or rubber bands

By straightening your hair yourself, you will need to divide them into several parts. For this, small hairpins-crabs or small elastic bands are perfect.


How successful hair straightening will be, in many respects depends on your tool.

If you are just going to buy it, pay attention to the coating of the work surface, the presence of protection against overheating and the overall convenience of the design.

The most popular material for heating plates is ceramics.

Devices with additional sputtering cost a little more, but, for example, silver ions, will make hair more smooth and shiny.

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Straightening ironing: choice of thermal protection

Whichever material you choose, avoiding overheating is quite difficult, so thermal protection means are a very important component for any installation, especially for straightening with iron. They are divided:

By the way of application:

  • It is necessary to wash off with water

Thermal protection can be included in your shampoo, balm or conditioner. From overheating, the hair is protected by vitamins E and B5.Protein and green tea extract are also excellent.

If you already have such nutrients in your cosmetics, you can not use additional funds.

  • No need to flush

This category includes various creams, mousses, foams and sprays. It is usually indicated on the package whether the product has a protective effect when stacked.

How to straighten curly hair

The stronger your hair, the longer it will be necessary to warm up every strand. Accordingly, you will need a stronger remedy, like a mask or nutritive whey. For more even hair, you can get by with a light spray.

How to straighten hair with an iron: step by step instruction

When all the necessary items are purchased, you can start laying. To simplify your task and get the desired result, proceed step by step:

  • Wash your head with shampoo;
  • Apply a balm or mask and rinse thoroughly after the procedure;
  • Dry your hair well with a towel;
  • Apply auxiliary tools for straightening( mousses, sprays, etc.) and thermal protection;
  • Use a hair dryer to dry your hair completely( use brashing!);
  • Divide all the hair into two parts - upper and lower( if the volume of hair is large enough, increase the number of parts to 3-4);
  • Top with a hair clip, lower comb carefully;
  • Separate a small strand from any side convenient to you and treat it with iron until it is fully straightened( several times, draw the heated plates along the strand from top to bottom).Continue the procedure with each successive lock;
  • When the bottom row is finished, carefully assemble it with an elastic band and dissolve the upper one;
  • Repeat all for the next row;
  • Use a strong fixation lacquer to preserve the styling for a long time.

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How to straighten hair with iron without damaging them

Even with all the proposed tools, it's too earlyor late, the use of ironing will have a negative effect on your hair.

To determine when the hair will be damaged, it is possible by the condition of the tips. Having found the visited hair, go to your hairdresser, and safely get rid of them. It's not worth to regret - such hair only spoils the appearance of the styling.

To postpone going to the salon for the longest period, read several recommendations, which you should not do when straightening hair with iron:

  • Do not straighten the curls more than twice a week. More frequent use of ironing can lead to brittle and dry hair;
  • In the presence of a thermostat, do not switch it above the mark at 120 degrees;
  • Do not hold the iron in place for longer than 2-3 seconds, move smoothly along the strand with the same intensity;
  • If you use teflon or metal-coated ironing, it is better to discard any cosmetics that do not wash off with water. Otherwise, your tool will quickly become dirty and become unusable;
  • Do not styling on dirty hair. The result is unlikely to please you, and the heated plates can become greasy and work poorly;
  • Do not use the iron on wet or wet hair( except for special models with built-in drying system).You risk damaging their structure and burning your scalp.
Correct straightening curls will not only create a new image, but also give your hair a healthy appearance. Under the influence of ironing( especially, with a properly selected coating), the strands become softer, smooth and shiny. To permanently retain the effect, do not forget to nourish the hair, use thermal protection and modern care products.

How to straighten hair with iron: